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The advantages to being in the home based business industry are seemingly endless. Being your own boss and setting your own schedule are all nice perks. More importantly, there are many financial advantages to having a home based business.Job security is hard to come by these days, but with a home based business you have the ultimate income security. You are in the position to make wise decisions for yourself to maintain a lucrative business. You don’t have to rely on anyone else’s managing skills and you certainly do not have to worry about being laid off. You are in control of your business’ future as well as your own.Being in the home based business industry also gives you the opportunity to achieve financial independence. You control how your prices are set, who you do business with and how you invest. These decisions can either boost business or bring it down. By making smart and informed decisions you can put your business on a lucrative path, therefore bringing in more income. Financial independence is achieved by minimizing debt and maximizing profits.Another huge advantage to working in the home based business industry is the short and inexpensive commute to your home office. Working from home reduces many traditional job expenses such as business attire and lunches out. Plus, you no longer have to worry about spending excessive amounts of money on gas because of a long work commute, and you won’t be late for meetings because of traffic congestion. These time and money savers do eventually add up and will put a lot more money in your pocket over time.These are just a few of the many advantages of being in the home based business industry. The money you save with no commute, smart marketing and the ultimate job security will put you on the path to financial independence.

The Number One Internet Home Based Business Industry – Business Industry

There are not really any stats or official ranked internet business; however from experience I can naively say that it is the number one industry. There are so many commercial industries these days. Offline is one of the biggest industries. These offline industries are every shop you see on the high road, or anywhere else.These are all big industries, making the world turn or rather keeping the global economy moving. However I have liked one industry so much that I cannot stop bragging about it. This industry is indeed the home based business industry or also the ecommerce internet business industry. This is because the way this industry is run, is not by any leaders or companies or any of that regular industry things, but rather the people in that industry themselves.The people in this industry are everyone who has invested in this home based business niches or internet business ecommerce niche. They all contribute to the total outcome of the success of this big global niche. The one fascinating about this industry is that it is expanding faster than all the other industries today. This is because of the economy status. Since the whole aim of this industry is to help other individual be successful and make money from being in this niche, more and more people are searching for ways to get in. Also because this industry is huge, there will be millions maybe, trying to answer these opportunity seekers quests. Thus why this niche is my number one.